The Pieces Normalisees Catalogue

What is the Pieces Normalisees catalogue? The Pieces Normalisees catalogue is a catalogue with a complete overview of all the bolt, nuts, washers, split pins, straith pins, taper pins, woodruff keys, rivets, plugs, stopper spindles, circlips, lubricator fittings, clamps, grommets, bulbs, wire terminals, safety pins, and bearings used in all the Aronde, Vedette and Ariane models


You can find in this catalogue, for example, an image from a bolt with a table with a part number, followed by a table with different sizes. In conjunction with a spare part catalogue from the Aronde, Vedette or Ariane you can find from which position the bolt (or other) comes. See example:


How to use the pieces normalisees catalogue


The parts book is scanned in a 200px/inch resolution. Every page is edited by hand to remove unwanted dots, greasy spots and other imperfections. The pdf software has recognised the scanned text and converted the image text to real text. The advantage of this is the you can use the search function in the PDF reader to find certain text, like parts numbers or a description of the parts.

To have a convenient navigation through the file, a handy menu structure is created at the left side of the file. Beside this menu, there is also the possibility to use the original "Table of Contents" to navigate through the file. All the text of the "Table of Contents" is linked to the associated pages.

For the opening of the PDF parts book, Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended. Adobe Reader can be downloaded freely from the Adobe website here. If the PDF spare parts file is opened in a web browser, the menu structure will not show up, and some of the pages may appear distorted.

In short:

Download here a sample pages of the Pieces Normaliseest catalogue.

Sample page 1

Sample page 2

Sample page 3


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